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Start/ ReStart


Start/ ReStart (formerly Tennis Made Easy) is an adult beginner class for those who have never played, have played very little, or have not played in a long time and feel they need a refresher course.  This six week course will teach you the basic fundamentals of the game with a continued learning goal, each week building off of the previous.  Students will learn proper technique for hitting forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves, as well as court positioning, how to keep score, singles and doubles strategy.


Program participants receive a FREE Gold membership while enrolled in the Start/ ReStart program.  This entitles the participants to all benefits that our Gold members receive.  Participants will receive a packet on the first day of class, highlighting the membership benefits and offers other great discounts to the facility.


Participants of a Start/ ReStart class must be 15 years of age or older.  Beginners under the age of 15 can refer to our junior program for a list of available classes and their descriptions.  Start/ ReStart is offered at the low rate of $79 per student per six week session.  Participants may register for a total of three Start/ ReStart sessions (18 weeks total).  Our professional staff will then consult with the graduated student and find the right programs upon completion of Start/ ReStart.


YOU can learn to play tennis in just SIX weeks!   Classes are formed based on demand.  You can also form your own class with a group of four or more.  Click here for our brochure.

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