With the State of Ohio lift on the mask mandate, we are no longer enforcing masks to be worn in the club.  However, if you are not fully vaccinated, masks are required.

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Safe at Shadow Valley Policies


Below are the policies that are in effect for SVC members this fall for all our players and guests.  The most important thing we ask is if you are not feeling well, please stay home.



While our Gold Members receive free walk on court time we are revising our policy for the foreseeable future. All Golds need to call and reserve court time when they wish to play. They will not be charged for this reserved court time.  You may call the club up to 72 hours in advance and let our desk staff know the day/time you wish to play and those playing in your group. You will be assigned a court number when you make your reservation so you can proceed directly to that court when you arrive.

When you do arrive at the club you will notice that we are propping open the two glass doors at the top of the stairs so no one needs to touch the doors to enter the facility. They will remain open until we close the club at night or until weather no longer permits. The doors to each restroom will also be propped open.  Restrooms will be open for sinks and toilets only. Shower and sauna facilities will be closed.

  1. Players should bring their own water and ice if possible, however vending machine will be open for water and various power drinks. SVC will not be providing  ice, coffee and the water fountains will be shut off.

  2. Players must bring their own towels. We have suspended towel service.

  3. Hand sanitizers will be attached to each indoor court for your convenience.

  4. Fitness Center will be closed to all guests. We have implemented new safety & sanitation procedures.

  5. We have installed Plexiglas at the front desk so anyone interacting with our desk staff will be protected. All office and desk staff will be required to wear masks to protect themselves and our members. Temperatures for all staff will be taken when entering the club on a daily basis.  Our desk staff will clean all touch point surfaces throughout the club hourly during  their shifts.  We ask that you not use score cards as we do not want multiple players touching them. If you feel you need to use the score cards  please have only one person from your court be in charge of this task.

  6. No hand shaking or fist bumps at the end of any match; just touch racquets. If a stray ball rolls on to your court do not pick it up but roll back with your racquet.

  7. Ball machine may to be used & desk staff will clean the top of the basket that holds balls and the remote control after each use.

  8. We ask that you continue to observe social distancing and leave the club when your court time is finished.

  9.When consuming any food or beverage inside the club or bar, you must be seated at a table.  The number of persons at a table may be no more than 4.  Please do not push tables together (all tables are currently at the minimum 6 feet social distancing requirement).  You may not walk around the club or bar with a drink or food in hand.  A mask must be worn when standing or walking inside the bar or club, and can only be removed when sitting at a table eating or drinking beverages.

We appreciate your support and cooperation in this difficult time and we hope to continue to make tennis as enjoyable as we can. Welcome back… it is great to see everyone on the courts.