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May 21, 2020


Dear Shadow Valley Tennis Club Players,


Below are the policies in effect for the SVC members and 2020 league players this summer. These policies may be updated throughout the summer if there are any newly implemented safety procedures in compliance with the state's regulations.

The most important thing we ask is if you are not feeling well, please stay home.


While our Gold Members and Summer Only members receive free walk- on court time, we are revising our policy for the foreseeable future. All with those membership types need to call and reserve court time when they wish to play. You will not be charged for this reserved court time. We are implementing this change in our policy to maintain a limited number of members inside the club for everyone's safety. You may call the club up to 72 hours in advance and let our desk staff know the day/time you wish to play and those playing in your group. You will be assigned a court number when you make your reservation so you can proceed directly to that court when you arrive.

SVC non- gold members can also reserve courts up to 72 hours in advance at the rate of $20 per hour.


When you arrive at the club you will notice that we are propping open the two glass doors at the top of the stairs to prevent touching the doors when entering the facility. They will remain open until we close the club at night.


Restrooms will be open for sinks and toilets only. Shower and sauna facilities will be closed for the summer.


Players will have to bring their own water and ice. SVC will not be providing water, ice, or coffee and the water fountains will be shut off.  However, our desk staff will be able to sell you bottled water.


Players must bring their own towels. We have suspended towel service for the summer.


Hand sanitizers will be attached to each indoor court.  We are unable to install hand sanitizers on the outdoor courts. There will be hand sanitizer available for use at the outdoor check- in desk.


The Fitness Center will be closed to all SVC members until June 29.  No guests will be allowed to use the fitness center this summer. We will be implementing new safety sanitation procedures and posting them in the gym for your safety.


Our staff will have their temperatures taken upon arrival to club and will be required to wear masks to protect themselves and our members. Our desk staff will also clean the hard surfaces around the lobby and restrooms throughout their shifts for added protection.  They will wear gloves when appropriate and possible.


If you feel you need to use the score cards to keep track of your match scores, please have only one person from your court be in charge of this task.

Please remember no fist bumps or hand shaking after matches.  If stray balls roll on your court, do not pick them up, but roll them back with your racquet.

At this time, we are unable to determine if the ball machine will be available for use over the summer.  If we are unable to offer ball machine use and you purchased a ball machine membership, it will be extended depending on number of months you have missed.


All forms of payment will be accepted; however, we encourage house charging or credit card payments please.

We are very excited to have the club opened and welcome you back!

Shadow Valley Managing Partners

opening May 26

The club will be open for play every day starting May 26 at 8am.

The fitness center will remain closed until June 29.

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