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Shadow Valley Tennis Programs

Most adult programming takes place during the indoor season, September through April.  Participants can get involved in drills, tactical tennis, Cardio classes, and Play With the Pro.  During the summer, many members play on organized USTA teams that play interclub matches in the Toledo area.  Teams may elect to hold weekly team practices.  Drills and Play With the Pro are still offered throughout the summer. 

The junior indoor season begins at the end of August and runs through the first week of June.  Sessions are typically eight to nine weeks long.  Shadow Valley holds summer camps in three week increments, starting the second week of June.  

Shadow Valley offers beginner programs for both adults and juniors.  Adults can sign up for Start/ ReStart classes, which teaches the basic fundamentals in a six week program.  JV Futures is offered to junior players.  This class is run on the same schedule with the other junior programs.

The 50 and over crowd can participate in organized mixed doubles play throughout the week.  Play will be indoors or outdoors depending on the season.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for all ages and ability, member and non- member.  Lessons are scheduled directly with a pro at your convenience.  Lesson rates are as follows:



$96 1.5 hours

$64  1 hour

$33   1/2 hour


*Lessons taken between 7am- 9am Monday- Friday receive a reduced rate of $55 per hour.

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